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!!!! It's all about being striped !!!!

Uniquely Striped Toygers is owned and operated by Marty and Lisa Chambers.  The home of the newest TICA Registered Purebred Toyger Cattery located in Central Florida. We are getting started with our little girl  Piper, who at this time is 4 months old, from SouthPaw Cattery in North Carolina.  Lord willing, Piper will be a mommy sometime in May!  Like all Toygers she is very sociable and cuddley  and very loveable...even though she terrorizes our 2 yr old 14 lb Bengel  (neutered) every chance she gets.  She sleeps at the foot of our bet and is a very loud when she purrs..She is a joy to have in our home and we couldn't love her more.



More than Cat Owners!!!

For probably 50 years I really had nothing to do with cats...Didn't hate them but never really liked them..One day a few years back my wife asked me about getting a cat.  I really wasn't too excited ...until she showed me the Bengal breed.. All of a sudden I was excited about getting a cat.. a Bengal cat... So, Taz came into our life and we just loved him..

   As I was doing more research about the breed, I ran across articles on the Toyger breed.. I fell in love..The more exodic the better..So began our search for the perfect Toyger for us.. Then along came Piper and she would become our first Queen.. Lord willing by next May she will become a Mommy..


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